Christian Jones-Norquist was born to Brad and Steffanie Jones on November 22, 1998. He was developing normally until he and his parents were in a car accident on Christmas day 1999. His parents were killed instantly. Christian sustained a severe head injury, 2 fractured legs, broken jaw and was in a coma for a week. Doctors gave a grim prognosis. Christian was soon shunted because he had continued intracranial pressure. He was given a subdural shunt that quickly failed. A VP shunt was put in. He remained in the hospital for 4 months. Within those four months, he had 4 shunt revisions to reduce fluid accumulation and tubing problems. He also suffered from grand mal seizures, diabetes insipidus, panhypotuitarism (body doesn’t make hormones), respiratory problems and feeding issues (he was given a feeding tube).

In June 2000, Christian moved in with Skeets and Kim Norquist. He was 18 months old. He was able to sit up, smile, hold his head up and reach for toys. He had reverted back to the cognitive age of a 3 month old and could barely move. Doctors did not expect him to ever be able to walk or talk. Christian immediately began early intervention services, Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapies. He began to walk at age 2.5 and used simple signs to communicate. He eventually began to talk and now at age 7 hasn’t slowed down!

Christian is currently in ½ day kindergarten. He continues OT, PT and speech therapy. He is involved in aquatic therapy and horse riding. Christian especially loves to play Xbox, he has taught himself to play the piano (he is VERY musical!) and he is beginning to learn to read. He also has a baby sister, Elena, who is 8 months old. Most days Christian likes to entertain Elena, other days he likes to take all of her toys away.

Christian has had 6 shunt placements and 4 shunt revisions (not necessarily in that order). He now has a programmable shunt and has a few adjustments. Christian has a seizure disorder, developmental delays, endocrine problems, he takes daily medications and a growth hormone shot. He had one shunt infection, but enjoyed his 2 week stay at Children’s Hospital watching the same Barney video over and over. He is a happy, little guy and he’d be happy to have you listen to whatever monologue you want to hear from any Pixar movie.